Monday, January 28, 2019

WHY: Eleven Months Later

 After much debate and advice, I decided to leave Facebook back in March 2018. I've kept silent in terms of why I left. Now I'm breaking that silence; Facebook to me is just full of hate and drama. To make it worse if someone did not like you or maybe they did not like the field you worked in, they could get your page taken down/red flagged. All they'd have to do is make up some story and Facebook would be so blind and end up believing the story was legit. As it stands, they can’t stop fake news, so how are they going to fact check all the reported pages? Anyway, they would then remove the page and/or profile connected to that page. It's sad that Facebook can be manipulated so easily. I remember getting a three-day ban, simply for using my right of free speech to warn my family of some suspicious activity taken place online. I was really finished being manipulated like a pawn and I’m not even going to mention the Russian Saga.

                 Another part I considered was that anything you do or say on Facebook is not private. Any settings you change, will never give you complete privacy.  Privacy is important for anyone working in this field, regardless of your title. Privacy is the golden rule when interacting with any client, until they’ve expressed that they don’t care about privacy. Until then you’re expected to keep things confidential. How is privacy on Facebook possible, when your chatting with me over Facebook messenger? I knew then I had a problem. After that day I started linking folks to a more secure area for communications. I was thinking then: “I made an agreement to keep things private and if Facebook is not respecting privacy rights of users. Why would I continue to use the service; knowing that it’s constantly leaked and made public without my knowledge. I encourage all paranormal teams who value their client’s safety and privacy to leave Facebook. If you choose to keep Facebook, move communications to a more secure area. Like a messenger that encrypts your communications and removes entries, after a specified time. There is a world out there that won’t invade your privacy. 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

New Year, Plans

Got some good stuff planned for the spring and summer.
I'll be personally attempting to get "access permission" to a few
places and we'll revisit the train wreck site of August 1919.
We had some amazing stuff happen there back in the day.
We'll get to pay our respects for the lost souls as well as the train transportation 
industry. We've also got some new people as well as some new places to 
check out. 

Friday, January 4, 2019

How Paranormal Effects Your Health & Life

Some are shocked or in disbelief at the fact that paranormal situations; can
in fact, harm you. Let’s break it down in English terms, let’s first debunk some stuff: High EMF can come from places in your home and are not anything paranormal. Emf's comes from everything electronic; but basically, I'm noting only things; that if created incorrectly or malfunctioning. If certain electronics do glitch it could create high EMF, this also can make you ill and create *Creepy Feelings* For example say your electrical panel is malfunctioning, but you’re not aware of it. So, during this malfunction, everyone starts to feel ill but only in the basement where the electrical panel is at. Then you and your family start to avoid the area in question. Your brain is smart if it's telling you to avoid a place that before was okay and you used to feel safe then that's the hint to get them EMF levels checked.  Note: well that was just an example; it's worth noting that, High emf that could be emanating from the electrical panel; It's also a fire hazard. I will also note that paranormal also gives off high emf, not extremely high like the electrical stuff that glitches out. 

Moving on to the paranormal as a suspected reason for; you and or your family being sick.
First note that the dead can good or bad; use your energy. When this takes place, your hair may stand on end and you may feel time slow or an altered awareness if you sensitive to the dead. When the dead use too much, you can feel weak, tired, sluggish sometimes dizzy. Your body can respond to this in other ways not to mentioned; however, everyone is different in how they respond to it. Another way the dead can mess with us is, by taking not our energy but life force. I think this is what makes us sick. They can also mess with your heart rhythm or brain waves making you ill that way, also when they mess with you brain waves; it can affect you in some ways as depression and mental mood changes/problems. They can affect your sleep habits as well even though paranormal takes place in the daytime too. 

The dead can interfere with your concentration, interests and hobbies. The dead can affect your love life and marriage. It should be noted that marriage sometimes turns into a divorce over the dead messing with both partners; making them at each other’s throats. It matters not how strong you are as the dead can go through that physical plain to the other realm where your soul is still intact and mess with that as well; typically, only the very evil or in this case demons will attempt to do that. it's one of the ways the dead can "jump" you. They can also attach themselves to you and this if more then on can make you feel heavy and extremely tired and always wanting to sleep. They can if really mean or very violent intent choose to scratch you, it may bleed or look closer to that of a burn mark. The dead can also make you feel; how they died or if they suffered from, illnesses. For example; say someone died of a heart attack in a certain spot of the house, again as in the other example your unaware of this info. You walk into a certain spot in your house and baam, you feel this strong odd pain in your chest or right directly in your heart.*Again that was an example; they can only mess with you heart; in extreme cases!* I'm not trying to scare you; I want the take away here to be the scoop of info I know so you can stay safe in those situations.