Thursday, June 7, 2018

You Know Shit Followed You Home:

When your roommate, who's not the poster child, for the paranormal; sees something creepy in the backyard. 

He told me that he went in the backyard area to pick up dog scat. Nothing was amiss until he look to the left of the fence outside my bedroom window he saw a man standing dressed like a native and the man had two feathers over his had. When this Native American spirit seen my roommate he brandished an arrow like he was going to come after him or something.

My roommate is not sure how to interpret the encounter, lets just say he was not staying around to find out. Maybe the native was waiting for me to fall asleep once and again and use my dream state to cross over. Who knows. Really interesting as my roommate is not one to bullshit at all about the paranormal. He lived with me and my other roommate in the other house that was very haunted and it would make me sick and unhealthy. Now that I've moved it's been much better, so I don't see him trying to bring shit up to make me feel uneasy. 


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