Monday, April 23, 2018

Seven Years, it's been amazing!

As we approach S.P.S's seventh year, I think back on all the clients we've served both private and public, ah the times how they fly by. This 7th year I've got big plans and plans that make it much easier, for me and the team to serve the clients. I've also cleaned house in terms of social media, but that's for another post. I'm still accessible via e-mail, Phone and Tumblr and of course the website. Narrowing down excess emails as well. Becoming a well-organized machine will help me lead and help other much better then when I had all this excess on my plate. 

As I say every year when we get close to the month of May, Thank You, for choosing us! As for my team members who've whether storms with me, Thank You. I want to make a special shout out to Debbie W. & Ray W., They've been with S.P.S since 2011! Even though there are times they were not able to assist; they made it a point to assist with input and kept connected by being active in S.P.S through email and social media. These too show true dedication and I hope to have them with the team for many years to come.