Monday, April 24, 2017

Made a tough choice.

So for the last six months I have been fighting to keep us charge free.
Problem is I need to keep S.P.S alive. I'm only charging for 1-3 services.
Those being the para-expeditions & Paranormal Investigator Training. We are changing our business designation from that of a non-profit to an Limited Liability Company. We still offer many services for FREE. We may be an LLC; however we NOT here for the money.
The funds we get from two services mentioned; will go to paying for the 60$ Semiannual website payment & many other bills that keep S.P.S alive.  Please also note the the charges for said two services will be well within reason.
These services, will remain FREE:
Investigations & Reveals.
Paranormal Counseling.
Events that honor the dead.
Historical Research.
Paranormal Consulting.
Historical reconstruction/preservation advice.
Educating the general public