Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just wow!

We went downstate the weekend before America was asked to hit the polls. We raced down there for a family, in real need and possible danger. It's a private investigation so I can go into much here but I'm posting for something non paranormal. See after we went through and investigated their house and yard stuff like that. we were met with so much love! I can't even describe it. These folks not only welcomed us with open arms in their family home but they fed and lodged us, they even fed us a 5 star breakfast! That's just the beginning, they went out and purchased gear for us because we were low on funds and were not able to get some stuff and such. They even donated a windows laptop! It's still sinking in... This energy of knowing someone see's what you doing for others and wants to help. I was fighting tears! I just thought I'd share this with my fans. We don't do this expecting anything in return so it's nice to get that warm fuzzy feeling when you on the receiving end of some major help. You know who you are.... THANK YOU!


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