Monday, October 10, 2016

Brundage Cemetery, Benzie County

So I normally don't go to cemeteries for these purposes.
This was an exception considering what was indicated to me.
What was indicated was; folks that go there during the day get an eerie feeling, they feel
like there watched and an urgency to finish up visiting their departed
loved one. Like things were chasing them out. This area looks abandon but it's
not, I feel that the fact that it is deep in the woods is what the Brundage Family wanted for them selves when they passed on and needed a burial area. It's peaceful looking during the day, I'm sure but to those who can "Sense" things it's not so peaceful. When me and the team pulled up to it, we were greeted instantly. All be it not the greeting we were expecting. 4 folks in the car and 3 latterly could here a moan/growl. We noted that the station on the radio had stopped and changed to 999, we did not touch the dial and only the owner of the car would know where to change it. All four of us noted: No one touch it the whole drive.  When we turned up the sound on this changed station, it was just static... hmmm.  I opened the side door and boom, I can't even describe the shit I saw. What I can tell you is clearly something is not right there and the folks that are resting in peace are not peacefully resting. We at first were not even going to get out of the car due to the sheer massive grown/moan/growl we got greeted with. I said lets check it out for the simple fact that sometimes when you come to an active place that's also a sacred resting place for the dead, you'll get met with an offense style encounter at first. either folks have messed with that place before and so stuff there is upset at the living, or they are just on the offense right out of the gate.

I'm so sorry, I shouted as I noticed I just walked over two people's headstones!
We respectfully apologized and pressed on. We walked around for only about 25 mins..
and what was there was motioning us to leave in it's own way.
That same feeling that so many before us have felt even in the middle of the day. As we decided to respectfully make our exit, that is spider-man and hoping around so we did not step on anyone's gravestones this time. We felt the need to stop and look at a person, who passed maybe 8 or 9 years ago, we decided for some odd reason to check it out and read it.. whatever was there finally let us think to be able to read. as  mike started reading the name and info out loud. I felt the need to clear his headstone of leaves and dirt. After this we respectful left and quietly pulled out. I saved the cool part for last.

In the car on the way back and out of the woods,
I noticed; we all were wondering about the 999 thing.
Mike searched it up and said "Death but also Truth and Justice."
I looked it up later and found that as well and something referring to mainly
signs from the angels, about a new beginning. We pretty much were drained after that,
we did got to another location before this and it was a rail road track of creepiness

So as I sat in the car with the other 3, We were chatting and... I got a whole box of emotions from fear to anxiety to anger and then.. this massive heavy weight was lifted! I've not smiled in YEARS!! All of the sudden, I was me but also happy and the negative. I've pushed aside for years is gone! Oh my god! Whom ever that solider is that is buried there THANK YOU! Hence the *Life Changing Event, that I referenced one facebook.* I did an act of kindness, not needing anything in return and the gentlemen buried decided to thank me with removing this dead and negative energy and as soon as this took place and I finally realized it happened, my interactions with my team and those at my house have changed!

To those wondering why we don't get hurt at cemeteries?
"We have respect for the dead... Key Take Away: RESPECT"