Monday, September 5, 2016

Why we make our clients our FIRST Priority.

Here at Shadow Paranormal Society we strive to
make our client our first priority. This means we serve
YOU! We are never out for fame or to catch that ghost.
We are not like that. If we helped you; and you feel safe 
in your home again, then that's great! This is why we 
are here. If we helped you & your satisfied then; we completed 
the mission! We are not normal para hunting folks. We don't go out for the thrill of being scared to the point of wetting our pants, again this is not our thing. We are here for YOU and only YOU. 
The second thing we are here for is the dead, those who can't speak or when they do; no one can hear them. We help bring many to the light. Recently the I've been dealing the the Minervini group in regards to walking around the buildings *Outside* ; trying to help the dead patients/staff of the former asylum to the light. It's for me, caring about the the souls trapped there that I may face legal action against me. *I explain better later in another blog post.*
Basically I care about the dead as if they were living, just because they are dead, does not mean there rights are removed or are not to be followed as though they were living. I mean they have a right to be respected and cared for just as you would want if your soul was trapped via some tragic event or say a murder or something. They deserve a chance for forgiveness and assistance going to the light.

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