Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Those Messing With Cemeteries

Please leave the cemetery out of you daily or any time investigations; I just feel sad for the dead. I mean they are resting in peace and all of the sudden; a team of 5 descends on the place, with that swagger walk from ghost adventures and everyone that’s there in spirit is like...“Oh god no!” Then the spirits are all like“What the hell are they doing that for?” Remember that many of the dead buried there are not going to even understand some of the things you're asking, nor are they aware of your“digital recorder. I mean if there is something messing with the living them please just call the real para teams! I just feel like these teenage punks that go in messing around in a cemetery for a scare, Sadly they get much more then they want. Just leave the cemeteries out of it. Such was the case with the Oakwood Cemetery, Here in Traverse City. Just please remember if you must be in the cemetery, be respectful of the dead. I know of someone whom after messing with stuff in Oakland Cemetery will be punished not only legally but in the spiritual plane as well. The person(s) were dealing with paranormal situations less than 24 hours after vandalizing the Oakwood Cemetery.  Please, heed this warning all you teenagers out there, it’s not worth it to mess with our dead’s resting places.  Remember all our flesh bodies will be there(If we choose the traditional burial route)  Would  you like it if people were messing with your resting place?
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Save Money On Your Gear.

So one of the biggest advice I can give you when; shopping for gear is not to shop for Ghost Hunting Equipment. Wait what? That’s right. When you look online for let’s say a Digital Recorder, if it’s like “Ghost hunting Digital Recorder” plan on paying almost 20/30$ more just for the name sake. If you went to wal-mart and purchased the same exact item it would be 20$-30$ less. So just by that, you saved. However, you can go all in and just use the recording device that came with you Smart-Phone! Another thing is to just get the basics. Just because something is named ghost hunter this or paranormal investigator that, it does not mean your saving money and that’s a fact. Purchased Used Gear; anything from Cams to recorders to pelican cases for all your gear. You can find a lot of used items for cheap as the owners are trying to get cash for life bills/Emergencies. Another is to learn technical/electrical knowledge, so you can make some of your own equipment. I know many teams out there that are little inventors. When money is tight everything can be used for your gear. You don’t need all these special cases, you can use normal backpacks and even fishing cases or the plastic gear box. I mean I just saved you a lot and I’m just getting started. Do not use places like RENT A CENTER or AARON'S, Buy it fully if you can. As for cameras, getting the basic ones for your full spectrum. The higher end ones for the rest of your stuff, like the standing cams that will be recording the hallways and rooms. Those ones need to be good ones. Another way to save is your connections on facebook! Yea I said that facebook that you hate...it could save you $$. How? For starters, the other teams you connect with may be able to help you as well with possibly borrowing some of their equipment. As for the Para Shirts.... Buy a bunch of blank T-Shirts, then take them to the Printing place. You saved anywhere from 50$ to over 100$ depending on how many shirts you need. Another is if you are made aware of a team shutting down, though this is said, their gear can have a second life being used by your team members. Teams that shut down are more willing to do this as they want to get some $$ back and at the same time, they know that the gear will continue explaining the unexplained. If you got skills, make gear and sell it. Many use this as another form of getting in $$ for their team.