Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just wow!

We went downstate the weekend before America was asked to hit the polls. We raced down there for a family, in real need and possible danger. It's a private investigation so I can go into much here but I'm posting for something non paranormal. See after we went through and investigated their house and yard stuff like that. we were met with so much love! I can't even describe it. These folks not only welcomed us with open arms in their family home but they fed and lodged us, they even fed us a 5 star breakfast! That's just the beginning, they went out and purchased gear for us because we were low on funds and were not able to get some stuff and such. They even donated a windows laptop! It's still sinking in... This energy of knowing someone see's what you doing for others and wants to help. I was fighting tears! I just thought I'd share this with my fans. We don't do this expecting anything in return so it's nice to get that warm fuzzy feeling when you on the receiving end of some major help. You know who you are.... THANK YOU!


Monday, October 10, 2016

Brundage Cemetery, Benzie County

So I normally don't go to cemeteries for these purposes.
This was an exception considering what was indicated to me.
What was indicated was; folks that go there during the day get an eerie feeling, they feel
like there watched and an urgency to finish up visiting their departed
loved one. Like things were chasing them out. This area looks abandon but it's
not, I feel that the fact that it is deep in the woods is what the Brundage Family wanted for them selves when they passed on and needed a burial area. It's peaceful looking during the day, I'm sure but to those who can "Sense" things it's not so peaceful. When me and the team pulled up to it, we were greeted instantly. All be it not the greeting we were expecting. 4 folks in the car and 3 latterly could here a moan/growl. We noted that the station on the radio had stopped and changed to 999, we did not touch the dial and only the owner of the car would know where to change it. All four of us noted: No one touch it the whole drive.  When we turned up the sound on this changed station, it was just static... hmmm.  I opened the side door and boom, I can't even describe the shit I saw. What I can tell you is clearly something is not right there and the folks that are resting in peace are not peacefully resting. We at first were not even going to get out of the car due to the sheer massive grown/moan/growl we got greeted with. I said lets check it out for the simple fact that sometimes when you come to an active place that's also a sacred resting place for the dead, you'll get met with an offense style encounter at first. either folks have messed with that place before and so stuff there is upset at the living, or they are just on the offense right out of the gate.

I'm so sorry, I shouted as I noticed I just walked over two people's headstones!
We respectfully apologized and pressed on. We walked around for only about 25 mins..
and what was there was motioning us to leave in it's own way.
That same feeling that so many before us have felt even in the middle of the day. As we decided to respectfully make our exit, that is spider-man and hoping around so we did not step on anyone's gravestones this time. We felt the need to stop and look at a person, who passed maybe 8 or 9 years ago, we decided for some odd reason to check it out and read it.. whatever was there finally let us think to be able to read. as  mike started reading the name and info out loud. I felt the need to clear his headstone of leaves and dirt. After this we respectful left and quietly pulled out. I saved the cool part for last.

In the car on the way back and out of the woods,
I noticed; we all were wondering about the 999 thing.
Mike searched it up and said "Death but also Truth and Justice."
I looked it up later and found that as well and something referring to mainly
signs from the angels, about a new beginning. We pretty much were drained after that,
we did got to another location before this and it was a rail road track of creepiness

So as I sat in the car with the other 3, We were chatting and... I got a whole box of emotions from fear to anxiety to anger and then.. this massive heavy weight was lifted! I've not smiled in YEARS!! All of the sudden, I was me but also happy and the negative. I've pushed aside for years is gone! Oh my god! Whom ever that solider is that is buried there THANK YOU! Hence the *Life Changing Event, that I referenced one facebook.* I did an act of kindness, not needing anything in return and the gentlemen buried decided to thank me with removing this dead and negative energy and as soon as this took place and I finally realized it happened, my interactions with my team and those at my house have changed!

To those wondering why we don't get hurt at cemeteries?
"We have respect for the dead... Key Take Away: RESPECT" 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Why we make our clients our FIRST Priority.

Here at Shadow Paranormal Society we strive to
make our client our first priority. This means we serve
YOU! We are never out for fame or to catch that ghost.
We are not like that. If we helped you; and you feel safe 
in your home again, then that's great! This is why we 
are here. If we helped you & your satisfied then; we completed 
the mission! We are not normal para hunting folks. We don't go out for the thrill of being scared to the point of wetting our pants, again this is not our thing. We are here for YOU and only YOU. 
The second thing we are here for is the dead, those who can't speak or when they do; no one can hear them. We help bring many to the light. Recently the I've been dealing the the Minervini group in regards to walking around the buildings *Outside* ; trying to help the dead patients/staff of the former asylum to the light. It's for me, caring about the the souls trapped there that I may face legal action against me. *I explain better later in another blog post.*
Basically I care about the dead as if they were living, just because they are dead, does not mean there rights are removed or are not to be followed as though they were living. I mean they have a right to be respected and cared for just as you would want if your soul was trapped via some tragic event or say a murder or something. They deserve a chance for forgiveness and assistance going to the light.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

No, Your Not Crazy.

A lot of my clients first express worry that I will hang up on them and think they; need a trip to nut word. This is incorrect as most of you are NOT crazy paranormal is real and it's been increasing in occurrences as time goes. I feel like part of what the Catholics believe as purgatory is the paranormal. I know that's an interesting concept but it's true. Look at what Catholicism tells us about purgatory. basically they state that it's neither hell nor heaven, an between per-say. So then it's in the middle well I would say the middle would be with us but not with the living maybe able to some what communicate but not able to eat or drink the fruits of the living.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Paranormal Occurs Anytime

Let me explain:
It's going on in the daytime as well as night. In the nighttime we notice it more. The reason being that we are not plugged into our Smartphones or watching the television. When all these things are turned off; the paranormal encounters are much more noticeable. Matter of fact my own mother leaves her television on while she sleeps, as a way of *Covering up* the noise of the paranormal within the house. I have done the same, in my situation I use a fan.  Here is the simple fact that entities; don't wait until 2am just to run around the house like cats. They may, if intelligent choose this quite time to try and get your attention or interact with you. The reason is you almost always don't notice them, in the day unless; it's extremely active. I had so many clients ask me "Why the hell do they pick night time to mess with us?" This is why they do it at night they have a far better chance to connect with the living either through noises and voices to bangs and knocks, that sorta of thing. They will also interact through your dreams/meditations. Some teams will swear up and down that paranormal occurrences only take place at night; frankly that just shows inexperience.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thank You!

I wanted to thank everyone who ever assisted shadow paranormal society! No matter how small the gift was, if not for you; Shadow paranormal society would not have lasted 5 years! I hope for this dream come true to last a very long time, and to be able to help so many in the communities, it's been an honor!  Thanks again to the supports and the fans! If not for you, we would not even be here. Five years and counting! Thanks again to everyone who helped us grow!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

(Grand Traverse Commons)

I want to point out a few simple things. Starting with the fact that it’s not as haunted as people think. I’m not getting paid to say this by those who own the grounds or the shops inside the buildings. I’m speaking from truth. I’m not by any means saying it’s free of the paranormal; as that would be a lie. So basically many people place it at the max in terms of a haunt. To be completely honest, I say it’s more around a 6 then a 10. I do feel a lot of the ones who have passed on are; upset about the changes. When the buildings are being re-done, I hope that it gives a trapped entity a chance to be *Free* and move to the light.  Many have asked me; why do you go and sit next to the buildings, for hours on end? My response is the fact that I can sense and see all the dead that are trapped inside and around the grounds. I don’t go there for my own motives like some do. I go there as I feel sorry for them and want to try and help them get to the light. I feel sorry for them that the space they are in is being changed into shops and offices as well as businesses. On the other hand, I feel happy about the re-purposing of the grounds and I’m excited for what the future holds for the grand traverse commons. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Those Messing With Cemeteries

Please leave the cemetery out of you daily or any time investigations; I just feel sad for the dead. I mean they are resting in peace and all of the sudden; a team of 5 descends on the place, with that swagger walk from ghost adventures and everyone that’s there in spirit is like...“Oh god no!” Then the spirits are all like“What the hell are they doing that for?” Remember that many of the dead buried there are not going to even understand some of the things you're asking, nor are they aware of your“digital recorder. I mean if there is something messing with the living them please just call the real para teams! I just feel like these teenage punks that go in messing around in a cemetery for a scare, Sadly they get much more then they want. Just leave the cemeteries out of it. Such was the case with the Oakwood Cemetery, Here in Traverse City. Just please remember if you must be in the cemetery, be respectful of the dead. I know of someone whom after messing with stuff in Oakland Cemetery will be punished not only legally but in the spiritual plane as well. The person(s) were dealing with paranormal situations less than 24 hours after vandalizing the Oakwood Cemetery.  Please, heed this warning all you teenagers out there, it’s not worth it to mess with our dead’s resting places.  Remember all our flesh bodies will be there(If we choose the traditional burial route)  Would  you like it if people were messing with your resting place?
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Save Money On Your Gear.

So one of the biggest advice I can give you when; shopping for gear is not to shop for Ghost Hunting Equipment. Wait what? That’s right. When you look online for let’s say a Digital Recorder, if it’s like “Ghost hunting Digital Recorder” plan on paying almost 20/30$ more just for the name sake. If you went to wal-mart and purchased the same exact item it would be 20$-30$ less. So just by that, you saved. However, you can go all in and just use the recording device that came with you Smart-Phone! Another thing is to just get the basics. Just because something is named ghost hunter this or paranormal investigator that, it does not mean your saving money and that’s a fact. Purchased Used Gear; anything from Cams to recorders to pelican cases for all your gear. You can find a lot of used items for cheap as the owners are trying to get cash for life bills/Emergencies. Another is to learn technical/electrical knowledge, so you can make some of your own equipment. I know many teams out there that are little inventors. When money is tight everything can be used for your gear. You don’t need all these special cases, you can use normal backpacks and even fishing cases or the plastic gear box. I mean I just saved you a lot and I’m just getting started. Do not use places like RENT A CENTER or AARON'S, Buy it fully if you can. As for cameras, getting the basic ones for your full spectrum. The higher end ones for the rest of your stuff, like the standing cams that will be recording the hallways and rooms. Those ones need to be good ones. Another way to save is your connections on facebook! Yea I said that facebook that you could save you $$. How? For starters, the other teams you connect with may be able to help you as well with possibly borrowing some of their equipment. As for the Para Shirts.... Buy a bunch of blank T-Shirts, then take them to the Printing place. You saved anywhere from 50$ to over 100$ depending on how many shirts you need. Another is if you are made aware of a team shutting down, though this is said, their gear can have a second life being used by your team members. Teams that shut down are more willing to do this as they want to get some $$ back and at the same time, they know that the gear will continue explaining the unexplained. If you got skills, make gear and sell it. Many use this as another form of getting in $$ for their team.